MarkIV Modular Saddle Packs

MarkIV Modular Saddle Packs

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This is for all of you adventurers/campers/hikers and outdoor lovers out there!

Ideally suited to medium to large dogs this modular harness and saddle pack combo allows your pup to either carry the saddle pack filled with goodies or when you don't need to, just remove the packs leaving the harness!

Perfect for camping and hiking. Super versatile design allowing you to have stuff on the go or just be relaxed by the camp fire and still maintain control and supervision.

  • Super thick heavy duty buckles, D-RING for leash attachment and large handle as well.
  • Added comfort is provided by front chest pad and two additional tummy pads that are fully adjustable.
  • Saddle packs are secure by 4 additional buckles and one velcro strap on each side.
  • Two large pocket compartments complemented by heavy duty zippers allowing for minimal water to seep thru into the pockets.
  • All of that surrounded by reflective 3M material for the evening/night walkers out there