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Pain in the butt to find something that fits?

Pain in the butt to only have it fit for only 2 months?

Even more pain to have to buy another harness because our babies just grow up so fast? 

Have an abundance of extra harnesses?

Don't worry! We got you covered! 

Introducing our Puppy Growth Program! 

We are giving you the opportunity to give back to pups in need AND get a great deal and purchasing your new harness

How does it work? If you purchase your first harness from us, then require a bigger size a few months later, we will give you a $10 credit towards the purchase of the new bigger harness BUT we need you to donate that puppy harness to a local shelter or rescue. 

Simply email us at barkindustry@gmail.com with your original order number and we will reply back with a promo code for you to use towards the purchase of a new bigger harness. 

NO CHEATING! No keeping the old harness! No hoarding! Give back to those in need and we will take care of you! 


Tony Bark - CEO