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Kirk Nolte recommends Bark Industry.
December 22, 2018 at 7:01 AM 

"We have bought 3 cooling vests for our Doodles and they work awesome. We also have one of the harnesses for our big girl and believe it is the best harness we have ever found. Can’t wait to get the new red harness for the big boy. So proud to support Bark Industry."


Janet Pearse Damen recommends Bark Industry.
November 18 at 8:43 PM ·

 "We bought a purple harness in XL for our lab. It’s awesome, we love it!! It fits much better than 2 other brands we have tried and looks great."


Amanda Lee recommends Bark Industry.
November 17 at 1:11 PM ·

"Bark Industry thanks!!! We bought a harness and seat belt connector from you at pet palooza Calgary this past summer and just wanted to let you know that it was awesome!! Drove the whole way to Victoria and back and our pup was comfortable and safe and for once was not able to Houdini his way out of a seatbelt harness!!! Thank you!!!!!"


Sarah Horlock reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
October 24 ·

"Love Emma's new harness and leash! Very bright. And the customer service was amazing! Will definitely come back to buy more later on."


Molly Maguire Mundy recommends Bark Industry.
October 23 ·

 "Maple LOVES the new leash!!!!"


Barbara Bardi recommends Bark Industry.
October 12 ·

 "Tony is awesome❣️ Bark Industry is fab local company👆"


Dana Grigore recommends Bark Industry.
September 20 ·

"Great harness easy to handle my big puppy ( 60 lbs at 6 mo) and easy to put on and take off .

Puppy is fine to wear it for an entire day without feeling uncomfortable."


Kodie Lynn Cumisky reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
August 16 ·

"Amazing customer service!!! I wish more companies were as awesome to deal with as Bark Industry! Bought the harness at Petapalooza because I was looking for a front clip and I just loved the quality, I didn't have my dog with me so I ended up getting the wrong size. He went out of his way to exchange it for for me right after his vacation. New harness fits great and I couldnt be happier! Definitely buying one of those sweet snapbacks next!"


Sara Kay reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
July 31 ·

 "Amazing company! Quality products and extremely fast shipping time. Totally worth every penny!"


Teri Roberts reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
June 27 ·

"The products are great quality!! Love the harness & leash and... the back pack is the cutest EVER!!!"


Sheryl Mendoza Mate reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
July 26 ·

 "We absolutely are obsessed with our grey dapper back pack! Can’t wait to get other prints !�� such great quality, fast delivery, and amazing / personable service ! We love � bark industry !"


Stacey Barge reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
July 8 ·

"Love our harness and cooling vest from Bark Industries. Great prices and their customer service is second to none. Will definitely be buying more items and recommend them to all my friends and clients."


Brandy Malloy Geldof reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
June 28 ·

 "Absolutely love our harness and leash! Excellent fit and quality. The little handle on the back is genius! Will be buying winter gear for our pup for sure."


Stephan Nadeau reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
June 1 ·

"Awesome stuff and great price"


Stacey Dowdell reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
June 1 ·

 "Just wanted to let you know that your harnessed is amazing and stop this moron from jumping out of a truck at a bloody bear yesterday! My only complaint is that it broke my nail grabbing the loop! We were driving from invemere to Cochrane and there was a bear. We were stuck behind a bunch of tourists and Gus saw it and dove for the open window barking! I grabbed onto the loop and snapped my fingernail down to the quick, but it held even with his 45 lbs of muscle fighting me! Needless to say the window went up for the rest of the trip lol

We LOVE our harness!"


Jackie Rowan reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
May 23 ·

"Most amazing service - Yves hand delivered and fitted it! Buddy loved him and we already love the cooling vest!!"


Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
May 22 ·

"I received my Bark Industry items just a couple of days ago and I am beyond impressed with them. Their backpacks are super cute and so roomy. Your dog will have plenty of room to bring their favorite treats and toy too. I bought one backpack, but immediately ordered another one for another one of my dogs because it's so great. Highly recommend this company and I will definitely be making future purchases. Mahalo Bark Industry!!!"


Kasia IF reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
May 7 ·

"Yves, you are a GENIUS!!!

This harness worked incredibly well on Jupiter when we got to the dog park! As excited as he was when we got out of the car, he didn’t pull me!!! Where have these been all my life!!

It’s the best thing he’s ever worn, and it looks so good on him, I had so many people ask me where the harness was from!

Also, I wanted to personally thank you for suggesting the cooling vest for Luna, I swear it saved her from passing out today because she was running around like a maniac at the park. I picked her up and carried her to the water, soaked her and she cooled off in seconds.

Everyone needs this for their dog!

It was such a pleasure to meet you today, and I can’t wait till Luna’s harness comes in, cause she’s a tank and pulls almost harder than her much taller brother!


Will definitely be a lifetime customer. The quality of the products is outstanding and at a much more affordable price than other harnesses that don’t compare to these.

Thank you again!!!"


April Lott reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
April 18 ·

"Amazing quality, fit and look at an amazing price! I recommend this gear for my clients all the time!"


Suzy Skawinski reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
April 4 ·

"Henry gets So many compliments on his blue harness & matching leash! Such great quality & colour, & the reflective stitching is a bonus! He looks dapper in his winter coat & booties too! The booties stay on even at full Frenchie speed, & go on so easily! He would never wear booties before, as too difficult to put on, but not anymore! Thanks for such quality items!"


April Kryss Stel reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
April 3 ·

 "I love my Bark Industry items! I have purchased harnesses for each of my pups. I love that they are able to grow a bit with my 11 month old puppies. The ease of putting them on the dogs makes things a lot easier with three dogs.

We also love the seat belts that we got. Our female sits in a booster seat but both my male French bulldogs have outgrown their’s. I had no idea what I was going to do until I saw Bark’s seat belts. So easy to use and keeps my boy safe while letting them move about the back seat a little bit.

And we have the handsfree leash too! A must with my pack. My female is great on the matching harness and leash but my boys are powerful pullers. Adding a coupler to the handsfree is great because I can put the leash around my waist and not worry about the boys pulling. I have bad elbows so it makes my life so much easier!

I could go on about the one on one help I have received from the owners or just how wonderful their CEO TonyBark is!

Love the fact of supporting a company that is working from the ground up to make quality products for our furry family members!

I also love the fact that they are so passionate about helping out the Maui humane Society with their beach buddy program. I know with every purchase I make they donate part of it to send harnesses and other things to that organization.

I recommend Bark Industry to everyone I know that has pups.

Can’t wait to get a cooling vest or two or three!"


Colleen Stanford reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
March 4 ·

"I have the cooling coat for my frenchie and love it, it has been so good this summer in Australia and considering he is black it doesn’t take to much for him to heat up I have had to use it a lot. It is such amazing quality.

I highly recommend this company to everyone!"


Desirae Ellefson reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
December 12, 2017 ·

"Our Boston Terrier loves his harness! The material is really good quality and well made. I know that it will actually last a long time. Also, Anna and Chyves are just the best people to give your business to! �100% recommend their products."


Alysa Budd reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
November 22, 2017 ·

 "Purchased two harnesses for my frenchies. Price is amazing for the top notch quality. The owner even drove to my house to fit them both personally which was amazing since my one dog isn’t mobile out of house due to neck trauma. Will continue to purchase from this company and recommend them to everyone. Thank you!!" 


Kaci Wolf reviewed Bark Industry — 5 star
July 17, 2017 ·

"The Blue Front Range harness is perfect, finding one to fit a frenchie can be hard but this one fits like a glove and doesn't rub under his arms, lovely colour too, looks gorgeous on him. Fantastic service from Bark, I was so surprised how fast it arrived coming from Canada and I am in the uk it took 3 days! Anna was great kept me updated all the way along. Highly recommend this company."