Desirae Ellefson

"Our Boston Terrier loves his harness! The material is really good quality and well made. I know that it will actually last a long time. Also, Anna and Chyves are just the best people to give your business to! 100% recommend their products."

Alysa Budd

"Purchased two harnesses for my frenchies. Price is amazing for the top notch quality. The owner even drove to my house to fit them both personally which was amazing since my one dog isn’t mobile out of house due to neck trauma. Will continue to purchase from this company and recommend them to everyone. Thank you!!"

Kaci Wolf

"The Blue Front Range harness is perfect, finding one to fit a frenchie can be hard but this one fits like a glove and doesn't rub under his arms, lovely colour too, looks gorgeous on him. Fantastic service from Bark, I was so surprised how fast it arrived coming from Canada and I am in the uk it took 3 days! Anna was great kept me updated all the way along. Highly recommend this company"

Fanny Sioui-Lemieux

"The material and the quality of the harness is perfect! It fit on my english bulldog just as I expected if not better."

Katie Jurgensen

"Obsessed with the quality of ALL the products. This company is a dream to work with and will make sure you are 100% satisfied. The harness are super comfortable for my pups and I love the small handle in the top, it's especially great for loading my pup into the car. There is also a D ring in the front for easy control. The cooling vests work wonderfully and are great for those hot days at the beach/on a walk. They stay wet for a while and my frenchies don't even pant when we have their vests on! Thanks Bark Industry for being my new favorite go-to pet supply shop!!"

JC Battad

"Harness is great quality product. Bought one for my dog and two for my sister's dogs. Yves is a great guy. If a snake bit him on the ass I would suck the poison out, no hesitation"

Rachel Blake

"I bought an XS harness for my cat to begin leash training so that she can go outside. The harness is high quality with durable construction and is adjustable both around the shoulders and the rib cage to ensure the a comfortable, secure fit. Awesome service and an excellent product!"

Shane Covell

"Sturdy and well made gear at great pricing for the quality"

Danielle LH

"The harness we bought was amazing. It sits on her nicely and doesn't chaff the underarms like some other ones we've used in the past do! Also, she's a really jumpy dog and we're able to keep a good hold on her comfortably with this harness!"

Carissa Seguin

"I purchased the can covers from Bark Ind and I love them - the colour is great and they are exactly what I wanted, excellent quality.
Communication & delivery was super quick. I'm looking forward to buying more products from them!"

Faith Babb

"We received a harness from Bark Industry, we purchased it for our cat. Our cat is a runner so we like to have her in a harness so we can attach a leash. We've tried a few harnesses in the past and she can easily get out of them. Yves helped us pick the correct sizing for our cat and even helped us fit her. She may still be a runner but we feel much better now that she is wearing a harness that she can't get out of. The product is true to advertising and the customer service we received from start to finish was top notch"