Bark Industry Dapper Series Backpacks

Hey Bark Squad!

As you probably are aware, we just recently launched our Dapper Series Backpacks. Here's a little insight as to WHY we chose to design and make these gorgeous backpacks. 

1. We wanted something cute for Tony (our CEO) but we simply couldn't find anything that was quality made, specifically designed with pups in mind or that was at a decent price. Most packs we found were in the $65usd range and didn't fit the pups properly. 

2. Fit and finish - When we did find backpacks, they were poorly designed and built to last 2 days at most. It sure created frustrations for sure, so why not do it OUR way! 

3. As shallow as it may seem, we also wanted to make something that looked dang good! We wanted modern styling with functionality combined with top notch quality

We've also had a few questions about the impact of having a backpack. Since I am no expert, I will let the expert himself do the talking. 

Here is what Cesar Milan has to say himself - CLICK HERE for "Give your dog a job with a backpack"

Here is a second part about the "DO's and DON'T's" of a dog backpack - CLICK HERE

Get your Dapper Series Backpack HERE!