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October 07, 2019 3 min read

Hey everyone!

Just a few weeks away from receiving our Next Gen harnesses, leashes and our new poop bag holder (give me a name for it lol cause I want to call it the Shit Bag but Anna won't let me). 

As soon as we have a concrete date as to when they'll land in our hands, we will let you know. 

So what's so special about our new harnesses and why did we upgrade? 

After feedback from YOU the consumers, we decided to change it up a bit. 

So what's new? 

1. We added a third buckle on the left neck strap  (if you're looking head on). The reasoning for that was to help reduce stress for puppers that are not 100% comfortable putting anything over their hands. The other massive benefit is to ease the pressure put on the head and neck as you put on a snug fit harness. This is important for those IVDD sufferers or kidlets like Tony that had an IVDD scare. Finally, it's going to full proof those "Hoodinis" out there aka those escape artists. Now you're going to be able to make the neck straps nice and snug WITHOUT making it impossible to slip the harness over their heads or taking it off. 

2. Fashion! Yup! We felt our other harnesses ran their course and we wanted something that reflected our Canadian'ness but also something fashionable and cute.

3. We are using a lighter weight material which is more flexible. Our feedback from previous harness users said they loved our durable harnesses but didn't like the weight and rigidity. The new Lumberjack harness will address the weight and flexibility challenges making it more comfortable for your pups. 

4. Our new leash is wider and more flexible. The handle now is a super comfy neoprene material so no more of the unwanted leash burns!

5. The new leash is now the perfect length. Again with your feedback, as the previous leashes were only 3 feet in length yet 6 feet would have been too long for control, we figured 5 feet would be just right. After a few months of testing out the prototype, Anna and I ended up loving it! 

6. The new leash comes with new hardware that looks better, more durable and attaches easier!

7. Last but not least! Our favourite new product is our poop bag holder aka the Shit Box (Anna won't let me call it that officially haha). Let's face it, you can't always take the backpack all the time with you nor is it super practical on those pee/poop n run situations. So now we've got a Shit Box (more like pouch) hehe and it holds your roll of shit bags. Best part? It can attach to anything with it's gorgeous clip. 

Finally after many DM's, Facebook Messages, Texts, emails, etc... We also put the XL size into production however that they are not set to be done until Dec. We will try our best to get them to you before Christmas!

Tell us what you think. Again good, bad, ugly, pretty, feedback is never a bad thing. I personally take great satisfaction in you guys telling me how awesome our products are. Really helps inflate that fragile ego of mine HAHA

In the mean time, love you guys. Anna and I are always so grateful that we can help pups feel more comfortable, fashionable and at ease. Your support truly gives us the strength to carry on when we get those tough days. Apparently I didn't choose an easy road but it sure is rewarding. 



Yves Chanthachith
Yves Chanthachith

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