Did you know?

Hello everyone!

Tony here. Did you know that we aren't just a store? Just a place where people come and "buy" "stuff"? 

Here at Bark Industry, my job as CEO of this amazing company is to do MORE than just SELL stuff. Ya it's cool and great that people love our gear and we sell cool shit but that's not just why I do what I do. 

Our company is MUCH more than that! We are here to build a community of dog lovers. We are here to help you from the time you decide to have one of us fur babies into your lives to when you decide you need more of us! LOL

How do we provide more? For starters, we have a Private Facebook group. In there we have an amazing community of dog owners looking to help each other out. We also provide you with an abundance of information, anything from RAW diet, kibbles, why you should wear a harness, to where to go for a good hike, to how to travel with your fur baby, etc... You name it! 

Best of all is that you will directly contribute to helping me create and bring in new products to Bark Industry. YOU can help us create and manufacture the next Bark Industry product. YOU can help me review our new stuff! Finally, you can get 50% OFF newly launched products. YUP! Not only can you be the FIRST to try out our new gear but you can also get a GREAT deal too!

Want to be part of our amazing community?  Click HERE

Love you guys!


Tony Bark 
Bark Industry CEO