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April 20, 2019 1 min read

Hey everyone! Yves here! 

It's my BIRFDAY TODAY!! Yes.... I know.... 4/20.... HAHA! Anyways... Instead of me being spoiled, I'm going to spoil you with a teaser of a new product we are working on. This is STILL a prototype but the exterior is pretty much production ready

Ever feel like you either never have enough space to carry your stuff or sometimes a bag is just too big? We not only solved both of those for you but made it EXCLUSIVELY for YOU, the dog owner!

  1. Nothing like it on the market
  2. Exclusively design for dog owners in mind
  3. TWO waterproof zippers
  4. Super duty water resistant
  5. TWO inch thick waist/shoulder belt for comfort with heavy duty buckle
  6. DUAL Metal D-Ring to attach your leashes to or portable water bowl
  7. Padded breathable back of the pack for comfort
  8. Poop Bag Dispenser
  9. Interior clip for your keys (coming in the final production model)
  10. Internal divider to keep the roll of poop bag from being tossed around. 

Best of all, it's compact, light and roomy! This is months of design in the works and I can't be more happy to finally share this with you. Now before you go asking about price and availability, I don't have either of those for you right now. Hopefully looking to do a launch for end of April. 

So there you go! Enjoy! Tell me what you think

Yves Chanthachith
Yves Chanthachith

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