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May 27, 2018 1 min read

It's that time of year again! YAY for SUMMER!!!

With summer comes a lot of heat so make sure to keep your puppers nice and cool with our Cooling Vests while they play outside!

WHAT is a cooling vest?
It's like a harness that covers more of the body of your pup, it hold onto water and it keeps your dog cool during those hot summer days

WHY is it so important to have a cooling vest?
Any breed of dog can be susceptible to heat stroke but ESPECIALLY the brachycephalic breeds such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, English Bulldogs aka SMUSHY faces. So keeping your pups cool will help prevent heat stroke and also allow them to spend more quality time outdoors even if it's hot!

HOW does it work?
You simply soak the cooling vest with cold water, wring it out (optional) then put it on your pup. The vest will take care of the rest. It is a 3 layer system. The outer layer will control the water evaporation carefully, then the middle layer will HOLD that water and finally the inner layer is super soft and creates maximum contact on your dog's body

Get yours now HERE - https://bit.ly/2rfzs1u

Our cooling vests

  1. Cover more area than a tiny cooling bandana
  2. Holds more water to keep your dog cooler for longer
  3. Controls the water evaporation far better than our competitors
  4. Have a dual zipper design to allow for growth and flexibility in terms of fit
  5. And act as a harness so you don't need an additional collar or harness

Yves Chanthachith
Yves Chanthachith

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